The Department of Homeland Defense (DHS) is creating a new education program that is aimed at teaching cyber security science and techniques. The program is intended to start in Kindergarden classrooms and continue up through the collegiate levels of education. The DHS wants to increase focuses on technology, science, engineering, mathematics, reading, and writing. The goal is to train a new generation of cyber experts and to further develop the current generation.

The NHS has also tried to establish a group called the National Information Sharing Organization (NISO). There goal would essentially be to create a middle man contact point between the government and American businesses so that both entities can share possible cyber threats and cooperate more easily. The concern with this idea is that U.S. businesses will have little regulation on what information they get to share and that the government would then have access to large amounts of private citizen information that could be used outside the context of cybersecurity.

The NISO debate aside, is Kindergarden too young to try to start cyber security education? The answer is unclear, but in today’s society the cyber threat is growing. It is becoming more dangerous and developing faster and faster. Many current policy members are a generation behind and struggling to keep up with current technologies and cyber security information. It is important to highlight the importance of cyber security and educate the upcoming generations as best as possible.