Israel’s fears about an attack from Hezbollah linger even after a report that shows Iran’s aid to the powerful Shiite Muslim group have declined in the recent years. Hezbollah is a group that has an open hatred of the Israeli state and is committed to its destruction. In recent years, Iran has sent aid to the group, which acts as Iran’s anti-Israeli voice within the country. It is thought that Iran’s decline in aid is directly related to sanctions placed on the country by the West after their lack of cooperation with international nuclear agreements.


A diminution of funding to Hezbollah is a positive indirect result of sanctions from the West. We tend to think of foreign aid as being purely philanthropic and having no bias behind it but in reality aid is very often based on the donor country’s political drives. Unfortunately, in the case of Hezbollah, there are many donors funding the terrorist organization, so a lack of money from Iran reduces Hezbollah’s funds but doesn’t disable the group.