Recently the DPRK threatened to respond to the minor provocation of propaganda balloons from the South with a “merciless military strike.” To which I am extremely thankful as there was a real fear that the North was dialing back the crazy. The South has backed down and banned the balloons but the event has made the point that the north is still willing to threaten military action over minor provocations.
This event has shown North Korea is still willing to respond to perceived threats but it means much more. The North’s reaction to these balloons shows that it is concerned for its internal security as these balloons were to carry propaganda leaflets. At a time when the DPRK’s economy is laughable at best the state is trying its hardest to prevent anything that can spur discontent. This means the harsh threats of retaliation by the DPRK show that they are getting increastingly desperate to maintain isolation and control.
I would predict that the North is going to start drastically increasing border incidents and proclamations to maintain some feeling of control. Unless the situation in the North improves they will become an increasingly unhinged and desperate state, a threat the US and other nations in the region will have to deal with.

Ryan Thompson

Also for anyone interested Kim Jong-Un’s supposed wife is missing. Its not really worthy of a blog post but here’s an article: