Everyone has things that are unique to only them-your voice being one of those things. We use our voices to talk to people we see everyday, to access accounts via telephone, or talk to telemarketers. The FBI, and other government or law officials, are increasingly using voice biometric identification for “identification and verification purposes.” A company called SpeechPro developed voice recognition software, called VoiceGrid Nation, which essentially collects voice data from new and already existing audio. Existing audio can include voicemail, 911 calls, or calls to your cable provider.

The extracted audio is being used in instances where audio may the the leading or sole evidence in a criminal case. SpeechPro claims that their technology and data is private and used for legitimate and moral causes. Examples where voice recognition has been used are prank calls, terrorist threat calls, fake emergency calls, or kidnappings. There is a “90% voice match to identification accuracy within 15 seconds,” with the technology.

The concern here is that while SpeechPro claims their system is being used for “noble” purposes, and it genuinely may be, it is technology that can easily be compromised. It is possible that people are recorded into a database without their knowledge. It is also a fine line between the wrong person using this data to exploit political officials or obtain secretive information.