Unrest prevails in Mogadishu, Somalia despite recent elections and the adoption of a provisional constitution to establish a new parliament to provide state governance, a nascent aspect in Somalia’s turbulent history. Members of an Islamist group in the region, Al-Shabab, admitted to being the mind behind the bombing of the Jazeera hotel where the newly instituted president attended a conference. This violent act served to convey the group’s disapproval of the new governmental structures in the country.

The present troops aiding the Somali government army are mainly orchestrated by the African Union. The United States has provided aid to the coalition for reinforcement. This is a right step forward taken by the U.S; working alongside an involved coalition instead of being at the reigns of the effort is the appropriate way to partake in detaining insurgency movements that are crowding the continent. The U.S’ involvement is necessary not exclusively to ensure stability in Somalia, but to assist concerted efforts to alleviate the threat that Islamist groups pose globally. Assistance from the U.S illustrates its persistence in supporting the state’s attempt to move towards less volatile ways and provides a support system for future efforts to combat Islamists attacks in the continent.