There is outrage in Venezuela after the election on Sunday. The socialist government has managed to remain in power even after numerous polls showed overwhelming support for the opposition party. Numerous countries such as America and Puerto Rico have denounced the election as unfair. The opposition party called for an investigation of the election, however it is believed that no evidence turned up since they did not press the issue. Venezuela has been suffering an economic crisis that has left its people starving and often jobless, and a great deal of its citizens blame president Maduro and his regime. This is why the results are so shocking and hard to believe. Prior to the election, polls showed that the opposition would win more than half of the 23 states. Results showed them winning a mere seven; the government has been accused of purposefully confusing votes and sabotaging polls in opposition-leading districts. It seems that there will be little progress in the nation as long as Maduro is in power. Democracy in Venezuela will be nonexistent while he continues to run his dictatorship and the people will continue to suffer. If other countries desire to help Venezuela remove the corrupt regime from power, there needs to be some kind of international intervention, because the democratic approach is apparently no longer a viable option.