Due to the large crisis occurring in the nation, Venezuela is becoming incredibly disconnected from the rest of the world in multiple ways.  Amid its security concerns and political unrest, numerous airlines have terminated flights to the country. According to the International Airlines Association, there are only six airlines that will continue to travel to the country, however they offer very few flights. These airlines have been citing the security of the nation as a threat for years. Maduro’s regime continues to receive global condemnation and each week it seems more and more likely that the nation will fall into a civil war. The Foreign Office has strongly advised against any travel to Venezuela unless it is absolutely essential and warns travelers of the high levels of violent crimes occurring there. Venezuela isn’t only disconnected by the airlines though. The nation has lost all of its international and domestic integrity, and has lost many of its major economic relations. It’s amazing that the government is still maintaining control of the nation, however it seems unlikely that it will be able to withstand such isolated and tumultuous conditions.