General Mattis told congress on Tuesday that the US will be sending the 3,000 troops to Afghanistan to provide advice and call in air and artillery strikes on insurgencies. He asserted that Afghan forces will continue to take the lead in fighting. Estimates of 3,000 are being offered but actual numbers are being held back. Congress is insisting that the details must be released as well as a clearer policy for Afghanistan. Mattis has refused to give details as this would benefit the Taliban. “We’ll give approximate numbers,” Mattis said. “We’re not hiding this. But I’d rather not say the specific capabilities, the specific numbers.” I understand the frustration of congress members for wanting a clear strategy laid out by the administration, however, Mattis is right in guarding details. I don’t agree with insistence of congress to know actual troop numbers. I don’t believe there is relevance at this point in the war in Afghanistan. When we had 100,000 troops stationed there we made minimal progress in addressing the Taliban. I even suggest that progress that was made was due to the Taliban pulling back into sanctuary locations to regroup and wait out the US. I don’t believe that troop numbers are going to bring an end to the violence in Afghanistan.