A woman walks passed a destroyed university building in Hamam al-Alil, Mosul, in September 2017

The Islamic State has been expelled from Mosul after a prolonged siege. Citizens who were involved in the exodus are slowly starting to return to their homes, but sadly, have found that their homes have been destroyed. Children have also become separated from their parents and ID papers have been lost. Iraq’s second largest city is extremely low on food and unable to rebuild as there is no money available.

This is a problem directly for Iraqis as they have no money, food, shelter or aid to help them to get back up on their feet again. Although ISIS is no longer in this area, they have left them with absolutely nothing, and what looks like, no chance to rebuild anytime soon. The United States, being a superpower, has an obligation to step in and provide immediate aid to Iraqis. Organizations such as the United Nations also need to be getting involved with aiding Iraq. Countries and organizations that have the means to provide aid and support must act immediately. This will allow ISIS to stay out of these areas and help Iraq citizens rebuild their homes.