Five suspects are facing terrorism charges while counterterrorism prosecutors open an investigation. The explosive device was detected and deactivated when authorities swept the building that the suspects were housed in. ISIS claimed the bombing suspects as being apart of their organization along with the idea for the attack. The only analysis I can offer on this incident is that what France’s counterterrorism authorities have in place for security protocol worked flawlessly. The authorities were able to stop a potential terrorist act before the suspects could even carry it out. Due to the suspicions of a concerned neighbor, authorities were able to check a situation out and see if it was credible or not. As long as this relationship can continue between the citizens of France and its police, then future terrorists will have a disadvantage when it comes to planning attacks in local areas like this. French officials should use this as an example for how all citizens should trust their instincts and inform the proper authorities as soon as possible. Ensuring that the citizens are the best defense against potential terrorist attacks when they stay vigilant in their daily lives.