Yet again there are headlines about classified documents being stolen/leaked from the NSA. In this latest case of an insider removing sensitive data from the NSA, Russian hackers obtained classified documents that an NSA employee had taken and stored on his home computer. The hackers are believed to have penetrated the computer by utilizing Kaspersky Lab antivirus software, which is a Russian brand. The classified documents included the NSA’s techniques for breaking into foreign computer networks to collect intelligence. The antivirus software installed on the employee’s home computer has been long feared as a company that could cooperate with, or be infiltrated by, the Russian government. Last month the government ordered the removal of the software on all government computers. This incident highlights the question of whether or not the U.S., when discussing governmental computers, should even use antivirus software that is not made in the U.S.. Or, the antivirus programs and companies will need to be investigated/interviewed before being accepted as the antivirus software of the U.S. government.