In recent news, Kim Jong Un has reshuffled his inner circle with some familiar faces. Kim has recently brought his ~30 year old sister into the Politburo. His sister Kim Yo-jong used to be vice director of the very Orwellian sounding and unsurprisingly real, “Propaganda and Agitation Department.” This is seen as KJU trying to ward off any coup attempts by surrounding him with people he can trust and would try to stamp out any dissent within the regime’s inner circle. Also, the Foreign Minister of North Korea Ri Yong-ho is now also a member of the Worker’s Party Politburo alongside the dictator’s sister. Minister Ri’s promotion is likely in response to his speech at the UN where he denounced President Trump several weeks ago.

With the addition of Kim’s sister to the Politburo, it can be a sign that he is afraid of being overthrown by his inner circle. This wouldn’t be out of the question considering Kim Jong Un is most likely the one who ordered the assassination of his half-brother in a Malaysian airport earlier this year. The Supreme Leader’s rhetoric towards foreign adversaries has likely been this fiery as to get his people to rally behind the flag, and thus behind his regime, making a coup highly disastrous if successful. The promotion of Minister Ri is most likely a personal reward by Kim Jong Un for his speech at the UN and pales in comparison to the elevation of another Kim family member to the auspicious Politburo.