This week’s article detailed the restraints and surveillance the Mexican Government has over media sources. With the upcoming elections in Mexico, there are lively debates and critiques on politicians, one of which came from Leonardo’s Curzio’s famous radio show. He and his political analyst co-hosts harshly criticized the present administration initiatives put forth. After the show was aired, there began substantial pushback from the owners of the show. They demanded that Mr.Curzio’s co-hosts be immediately fired, however they stated it was because of a budget cuts and low ratings. Mr. Curzio has been working as a radio host for nearly two decades knew that the government was behind the firing ploys  all along and took it upon himself to quit in protest. The government undertakes such surveillance because they contribute a steady amount of money for advertising towards these media outlets which in turn allows them the dictate what is said. The money game gives the government the upper hand and gives them the power to lay severe restriction over the media’s freedom of expression. This also diminishes journalistic integrity because reporters are subject to government involvement and influence over what is publicly said about them. With the amount of media attention Mr.Curzio is gaining, the president’s office released a statement saying that the government respects and values the freedom of expression, holding that as a model for Mexican democracy, they resolve to not intervene in such affairs. However, with the tattered history record of the Mexican government unfairly firing and silencing journalists that dare to go against the regime, it becomes more and more unlikely that the government had nothing to do with Mr. Curzio and the firings of many other reporters. I believe that it is in the president and his administration’s best interest to abstain from interfering in media business as the president’s party is already going to have a tough time getting reelected and is under much scrutiny from the public over AID relief and the prevalence of crime. Furthermore, the Trump administration shouldn’t get actively involved in the suppression of free speech done by the Mexican government as there is already contested issues like the border wall and immigration, rather they should openly condone such oppression of speech and lack of freedom reporters have in return.