President Trumps cabinet administrator to the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, is tainting the purpose and legitimacy the institution was founded upon. Scott Pruitt has been having various meals and meetings with high level executives of several energy corporations of which the EPA fights diligently against. Such companies include: General Motors, Shell Oil, Chemours Company, Alliance Resource Partners, Southern Company, the Independent Petroleum Association of America, Koch Foundation, and multiple farm bureau lobbyists. This is a major problem for the security of Americans because the C.E.O. of Alliance Resource Partners donated 2 million dollars to Donald Trump’s campaign with the hopes of seeing a return to investment, and Scott Pruitt has been avoiding meeting with consumer/public health officials and environmental groups. Former head of the EPA William Reilly described Pruitt best when he characterized him of lacking ‘judicious impartiality’. Unsurprisingly, some of the high up officials in the energy sector have worked with Mr. Pruitt when he was the attorney general of Oklahoma, where he wished to increase methane emissions and diligently sued the E.P.A over thirteen times. In March and then July, Pruitt annulled the Information Collection Request over oil and gas industries and then held discussions on how to revoke Clean Water Act regulation. Scott Pruitt has indulged in overpriced flights and hotels during ‘business’ travel to places like the Phoenician & Ritz-Carlton Golf Resorts, where he listened to ‘conservative activists’ from the National Mining Association, the Heritage Foundation, and the National Association of Manufacturers. The topic of how the E.P.A.’s regulations are hurting corporate automobile and energy providers. On top of those meetings, Scott Pruitt ignored E.P.A. researchers who urged the pesticide Chlorpyrifos that affects children’s brains to be banned, but instead he just met with companies CropLife and CropScience to hear from them how the E.P.A. is committing ‘regulatory overreach. Scott Pruitt supports everything the E.P.A stands against, and the fact that he has ordered (1) a specially customized private sound & computer communications booth that costs 500% more than usual [$25,000], (2) avoids making important phone calls around others, and (3) has 24/7 bodyguards doesn’t make him seem trustworthy.

  • Daniel Levay