Iran stated on September 23, 2017 that it successfully tested a medium-range missile. However, both the U.S. and Israeli military think that Iran reused old footage from a ballistic missile test from January. Iran is preparing for the day the nuclear deal ends. Iran is continuously funding the Hezbollah terrorist group with accurate missiles for a future war with Israel. Hezbollah is now thought to have around 120,000 missiles and rockets in Lebanon. These missiles and rockets could be used on strategic sites and in future attacks against Israel. Accurate missiles can also allow Hezbollah to have quick launches on Israel or other places of interest. Iran funding the Hezbollah group with accurate missiles could potentially change the nature of the conflict. With the proxies, Syria would have the ability to support Hezbollah as well as open a second front against Israel. Israel may be worried about Iranian entrenchment or building hegemony in certain regions.

– Caroline