At the beginning of his term, Trump discussed with CIA Director Mike Pompeo that he wants the agency to take more of an aggressive stance with the use of drone strikes. Soon afterward, the CIA began carrying out drone strikes that might not have been authorized under the Obama administration, including in Syria. The CIA’s airstrikes in Syria replaced where the military had taken the lead on targeting militant leaders. The White House granted CIA officers more autonomy to decide on whether and when the U.S. can pull the trigger in various places around the world, including in Yemen, where the military carries out most of the airstrikes.

Now, the Trump administration is contemplating additional policy changes that will continue to expand the CIA’s authority to conduct drone strikes, both in and out of war zones. Additionally, the White House is drafting a new written policy on counter-terrorist operations outside of war zones, contradicting the drone playbook that the Obama administration had created with the hope of governing the decisions of future presidents. Overall, it seems like a legitimate change in policy, in reference to how the foreign policy of the Obama administration caused the international community to perceive the United States as weaker than it really is. Therefore, increasing drone strikes will restore the global view of American strength.