Venezuela has been in a nation-wide crisis for years now. As President Maduro attempts to rewrite the nation’s constitution so that he has total power, protests continue throughout the country. Many people are angry with the corruption of Maduro’s regime, and the opposition has united their efforts to stop his leadership. It seems inevitable for the Venezuelan government to collapse since it has only declined in recent years. The potential collapse of Venezuela could generate a number of issues in the region, such as creating a large numbers of refugees. President Trump recently stated that he is considering a “military option” as a means to deal with the Venezuelan crisis, however this is should be considered a last resort measure when dealing with Maduro. Landing troops in Venezuela will do little to rectify the issue; what is more likely is that it raises more tension and hatred for the intervention. With an issue that affects numerous nations of the Americas, matters should be dealt more strategically. The article stresses the importance of getting the OAS involved to condemn Maduro, and possible UN support as well. Another important step to take is prepare for a collapse and work closely with other allies in the region to help diffuse the situation.