During a press conference at the United Nations,¬†North Korea’s UN deputy representative, Kim In Ryong, released several threatening statements towards the United States. The North Korean ambassador to the UN also denounced the US naval buildup surrounding the Korean Peninsula. Kim said that this situation “has created a dangerous situation in which thermonuclear war may break out at any moment on the peninsula and poses a serious threat to world peace and security.” The deputy ambassador also released a statement that said the US is disturbing the global peace. This is concerning for the Trump administration, as well as the international community because the current capabilities of North Korea are unknown. Following a failed missile test, the US is unaware of what North Korea has in store for the future. It appears that they are not quite ready for an all-out attack, however they have been accelerating their missile and nuclear programs at an alarming rate. Christopher Hill,¬†former U.S. ambassador to South Korea, stated that North Korea is “really going full throttle for a nuclear option that could include holding the U.S. at risk”. This provides a situation that could potentially be dangerous for the US, and is one that should be taken very seriously by the Trump administration. If the US is not careful, it could begin a catastrophic war, however it appears that if we wait around North Korea will strike when it is ready. This means that the Trump administration will need to make a tough call concerning preemptive action against Kim Jong Un.