“The volume of cyber attacks are expected to decline in 2015, but will become more sophisticated with such intrusions targeting specific sectors like healthcare, says the cyber security solutions firm Websense.” The nature of cyber attacks is changing with criminals going for personally identifiable information (PII). These attacks are expected to increase. PII is an information that can be used to uniquely identify, contact or locate a single person. The report states that healthcare sector will see a rise in data stealing attack campaigns as the records have PII information that can be used in a variety of attacks and various types of fraud. Auto-login capability is dangerous as it is vulnerable to attacks and this information can be used later in other attacks. Furthermore, there will be new players on the cyber warfare battlefield. Very detailed information about individuals will be vulnerable and as technology evolves, the vulnerabilities will be overlooked.

Some claim cyber warfare will increase in the future and then this report claims cyber attacks are expected to decrease, at least in 2015. Cyber warfare and security is simply an unknown. It is terrifying to think that that information stealing is going to be much more than a simple number. It will be your behavior, your address, your records, and other personal information. Literally people on the other end will be able to impersonate others on a much more personal level. Who knows what the true effects of this will be. What does this mean to the United States security? Well that is hard to say because of the unknowns. These attacks can harm politicians like the President or Congress members. Foreign countries will have the ability to attack in much more personal  harmful ways but the attacks look to be limited. There is a threat against security of individuals but if the United States increases its ability to protect itself from cyber attacks, then the threat will be limited.